250gsm | 98% Polyester, 2% Antistatic | Plain 1/1

(5 Certificats)

Flame Retardant fabric

Key features: Flame retardant, Antistatic, Oeko-Tex 100

Certifications: ISO 11612

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Originally, polyester fibers are combustible and have no flame retardant properties. After special FR-treatment polyester fabrics get some flame retardant properties that provide limited FR-protection and allow to avoid risks of occasional flame and fire sparkles.

Flame retardant properties of FR-Polyester are not that strong as of FR-Cotton or FR-PolyCotton fabric. FR-Polyester complies to ISO 14116, which is a standard for limited flame retardant properties.

FR-Polyester has good durability and breathable properties, has good elasticity and abrasion resistance, it is soft and dries fast. Also, with additional finishing it can withstand to some aggressive chemicals.

Flame retardant polyester fabrics can be used for work wear and rain wear (jackets, overalls etc) as well as for bags and backpacks of emergency personnel.

We use only high grade polyester for producing our polyester fabrics. It provides the softness, elasticity and long life circle of our FR-polyester fabrics.