SELENE-7 Flame Retardant fabric

260gsm | 88% Cotton, 12% Nylon | FR-Twill 3/1

Standards for FR-clothing

You can see below compliance to the standards for fr-clothing, including level of protection against different kinds of risks.

  • ISO 11611 (CLASS 1) – Protective fabric for welders
  • ISO 11612 (A1, A2, B1, C1, E1, F1) – Protective fabric for industrial workers
  • NFPA 2112 – Standard on Flame-Resistant Clothing for Protection of Industrial Personnel Against Short-Duration Thermal Exposures from Fire
  • ASTM F1959 ARC RAITING: ATPV = 11.0 cal/cm2

All mentioned data must be considered as indicative values only


Certificates & Technical details


Colour Card


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