Poseidon-300 certified to EN 1149 and EN 61482 after 50 Industrial Washes!

August 2020, AITEX lab (Spain) has tested Poseidon-300 flame-resistant fabric to the safety standard for protective clothing againnst the hazards of an electric arc after 50 Industrial Washes! 

  1. Charge Decay (EN 1149-3:2004) PASS
  • Average Decay half time (s): <0,01
  • Average Shielding factor (units): 0,54

Acceptance criterion according to EN 1149-3:2004 and EN 1149-5:2018, method induction charging

t50< 4s or S > 0,2

Where, t50= decay half time S = shielding factor


  1. Electric Arc Test (EN 61482-1-2:2014) – Class 1 – PASS

Category of arc thermal protection according to IEC 61482-2:2018 (2)APC 1

(2)Arc Protection Class
The arc protection class is characterized by the test energy level of arc exposure (arc energy and incident energy)

Requirement for the standard compliance EN 61482-1-2:2014:

  • Burning time ≤ 5 s
  • No melting through to the inner side.

  • No hole bigger than max. 5 mm. in any direction in the innermost layer.

  • All four pairs of values  below corresponding Stoll values, and all four heat curves Eit (t) of transmitted energy are at any moment of time “t” of the exposure period below Stoll curve.

You can find all the certificates and additional information on the Poseidon-300 product page.