Gefest-420 certified to EN ISO 11611 Class 2 welding clothing!

April 2020, BTTG lab (UK) has tested Gefest-420 fr fabric to the new version of safety standard for Protective clothing for use in welding and allied processes. Gefest-420 certified to EN ISO11611 CLASS 2 welding clothing.

EN ISO 11611:2015 specifies minimum basic safety requirements and test methods for protective clothing during welding and allied processes with comparable risks. This type of protective clothing is intended to protect the wearer against spatter (small splashes of molten metal), short contact time with flame, radiant heat from an electric arc used for welding and allied processes.

This standard has two classes. EN ISO 11611 includes two heat transmission tests, both of which should be carried out on material from the test garment, i.e. impact of molten metal droplets, and resistance to the transfer of radiant heat. The test results are classified according to the performance achieved into either class 1 or class 2 .

Class 1 – Protects against less hazardous welding techniques and situations, causing lower spatter and radiant heat
End Use
(Manual welding with light spatter and drop; such as Gas, TIG, MIG welding (Low current) spot welding)
Environmnet (Operating machines such as oxygen cutting, plasma cutting, resistance and bench welding)

Class 2 – Protects against riskier welding techniques and situations, which causes higher levels of spatter and radiant heat
End Use (Manual welding with heavy spatter and drop; such as plasma cutting, oxygen cutting and thermal spraying Operating machines in confined spaces or in constrained positions)
Environmnet (Clothing will also minimise the possibility of electrical shock by short term, accidental contact with live conductors at voltages up to approximately 100V dc.)

According to EN ISO 11611:2015, Gefest-420 has been successfully tested to the following tests:

  1. Gefest-420 results for new samples and after 5 washes @60ºC ISO 6330:2012, method 6N, F drying (tumble dry)
  • Flaming to top or either side edge: PASS
  • Hole formation: PASS
  • Loose waste: PASS
  • After flame time (s): PASS
  • Afterglow time (s): PASS
  • Gefest-420 results for new samples and after 5 washes @60ºC ISO 6330:2012, method 6N, F drying (tumble dry)
 Direction Dimensional
change (%)
  • Wrap: 1300N – PASS (must resist ≥ 400 N)
  • Weft: 1200N – PASS (must resist ≥ 400 N)
  • Warp 31NPASS (must be ≥ 15N)
  • Weft 53NPASS (must be ≥ 15N)
  • Average value Molten iron (g): > 28
 Class 1 Minimum 15 drops
 Class 2 Minimum 25 drops
  • Average value for RHTI 24 (s): 17,0
 Heat transfer index RHTI 24  Class 1  Class 1
RHTI 24≥ 7s≥ 16s
  • verage value: 5,5∙106

According to the Standard EN ISO 11611:2015, the vertical electric resistance must be greater than 10Ohm

Gefest-420 flame retardant protective fabric is purposed for professional welders clothing in different areas such as Machinery, Metallurgy, Oil and Gas Pipeline construction, Automotive etc. Satin weave of Gefest is extremely useful in protective overalls, bibs or aprons of welders and other workers letting molten metal drops go off easily from the smooth surface of the fabric.

You can find all the certificates and additional information on the Gefest-420 product page.