Artex-210 fr fabric has got a renewal of EN 469 certification

February 2020, our aramid flame retardant fabric Artex-210 udated EN 469 (Protective clothing for firefighters) certificate.
This standard specifies minimum levels of performance requirements for protective clothing for structural fire fighting, considering mainly
protection against heat and flame. This standard does not cover protective clothing for special tasks or risks, e.g. cleanup of chemical spills, forest fires, fire fighting at close proximity of the fire, assistance in road emergencies, etc.

The testing was done at independent international laboratory AITEX (Spain).

Artex-210 fabric provides protection against Fire, open Flame and Electric Arc. Inherent thermal protection cannot be washed away. The fabric is very durable and super-resistant to abrasion.

  1. Heat Resistance (ISO 17493:2000) performance level – PASS

    Results for samples and after 5 washing cycles at 60ºC, according to the standard ISO 6330:2012, method 6N, F drying (tumble dry)








Warp -0,7%
Weft -0,9%

 Requirement   No layer can ignite   No layer
can melt
  No layer shrinks more than 5%


  1. Determination of Breaking Strength and Elongation (EN ISO 13934-1:2013) – performance level  PASS
  • Wrap: 1500N PASS (must resist ≥ 450 N)
  • Weft: 1400N PASS (must resist ≥ 450 N)


  1. Determination of mass per unit area using small samples (EN 12127:1997) – performance level – PASS

Mass per unit area – 212 g/m2 


  1. Determination of Tear Resistance (EN ISO 13937-2:2000) – performance level – PASS
  • Warp 50NPASS (must be ≥ 25N)
  • Weft 48NPASS (must be ≥ 25N)


  1. Determination of resistance to surface wetting (spray test) (EN ISO 4920:2012) – performance level – PASS

The external material must show a wetting degree ≥ 4.

Degree of wetting: ISO 4-5;


  1. Determination of dimensional change in domestic washing and drying (ISO 5077:2008) – performance level  PASS

In accordance with the Standard EN 469:2013, the dimensional change shall not exceed ± 3%, both in width warp and in length weft.

Direction Dimensional
change (%)
Warp – 1,0
Weft – 1,0


Artex-210 are light weight and good breathability, which gives extra comfort to the wearer. Due to integrated carbon antistatic yarn, Artex prevents building up electrostatic discharge (ESD) and eliminates the possibility of explosion in oil, gas and other industries. 

You can find all the certificates and additional information on the product page.